Ever since I started this project, I have been asked about how to play Duck Hunt for NES on the Retro Box. I have always replied that there was no way to do this, because no one had yet invented a light gun for NES games that would work on a modern flat screen. However, I have finally discovered a way. You will need a standard USB mouse for this.

First, make sure that the emulator for Duck Hunt is set to fceumm. To do this, press A to launch the game, then A a few more times until the launch menu comes up. Make sure either the first option, default emulator, or second, emulator for rom, is set to fceumm. Next, launch the game, and from within the game press Select + X to bring up the Retroarch menu. This menu may look intimidating, but is fairly easy to navigate: up and down to access the options, A to enter a submenu, B to go back to a previous menu. To change a value, highlight the option and press left or right.

From the main menu, go to options and press A. On this menu, there are two options near the bottom, Zapper Mode and Show Crosshairs. Make sure zapper mode is set to ‘mouse’ and crosshairs is set to ‘enabled’. Then press Select + X to exit the menu. Now you can use the USB mouse to aim and fire in Duck Hunt.

Have fun and stay skeptical,