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Thank you for checking out the website for SKG Retrogaming. Our tagline is "Yesterday's Games, Today's Technology" and that is exactly what I strive to provide, the awesome games of the 80s and 90s, without the technological leg irons of that era, like blowing on...

SKG is working with Llamas!

That’s right, recently The Skeptical Geek has been spending time with one of the Chief Llama’s from Secret plans, midnight emails, hours playing awesome games. All this effort for you!

Patrick Ferre - The Skeptical Geek

Patrick Ferre - The Skeptical Geek

The Skeptical Geek has been in love with video games since the first Space Invaders machine came to his local mall when he was 12. Knowing he was witnessing the birth of something incredible, he proceeded to tell all the adults in his life that this was going to change the world. Naturally,they all thought he was insane.

A software engineer by trade, the SKG build the first Retro Boxes for himself and his roommate just to have a way to play all his favorite games on his big screen TV. It occurred to him that this could be a viable business idea,when people close to him started asking where they could buy one. Thus, SKG Retrogaming was born.